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Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Ocotillo Lumber is one of the few suppliers that can offer chain link fence in a large range of sizes, from 1” to 20’ tall material in 3/8” to 3-1/2” x 5” diamond sizes. We will produce any of these sizes in GBW, PVC & Bonded PVC coated, as well as Aluminized if requested.

The security mesh is anything under 1”, and even that can be made in 20’ high material if required. This is a newer product line that is also known as a “no climb” fabric. Your fingers cannot reach into the diamonds.

One of our newest specialty items is the Flatlink chain link. This is a now being used for temporary fencing. It is stronger and lasts longer than normal temporary fencing, and it can also be made into panels.

The material can have the selvage (edge finish of fabric) of your choice. It can be knuckled or barbed (twisted) as you require. Some selvages are height specific; for instance most fabrics under 6’ are to be knuckle, knuckle.

We pride ourselves in our quality and shipment times. We also offer project and specification breakdowns if required. You give us a blueprint and we will do the take offs and give you recommendations on what is required for the project.

Chain Link Fencing Chain Link Fencing
Chain Link Fencing